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Fire Damage Tips in Canoga Park, CA

Tips for Handling a Fire Damage

Property owners should have some basic knowledge of what to do first in the event of fire damage.

Tips for Handling a Fire Damage

Property owners should have some basic knowledge of what to do first in the event of fire damage.

Even if the fire department doesn't declare your property damage to be "catastrophic," the aftermath of a house fire is devastating. It's hard for property owners to know what to do once the fire marshal leaves, and you're on your own.

1. Call a Fire Damage Expert

It can sometimes take days for your insurance company to send out an adjuster and suggest a restoration plan, but you don't have to wait. It's beneficial and advisable to contact a fire damage restoration company like ServiceMaster immediately. They'll be there within an hour to help you figure out what to do next and how to talk to your insurance company.

2. Pack Up Any Valuables, Important Documents

Because smoke damage creates a highly toxic living environment, very often you'll need to temporarily relocate until at least some smoke/soot cleanup is performed. If possible, salvage and pack any valuables or important documents (insurance policies, financial records, etc.) to take with you.

3. Stay Safe

Do not touch anything soot-damaged with your bare hands; fire residue is a biohazard. Do not use electric appliances until they've been assessed for safety. If you still have power, make sure your HVAC system is off so the smoke and soot doesn't spread through to unaffected areas of the house.

4. Contact ServiceMaster Water & Fire Restoration by J and S to Help You With The Rest

Our family and crew has been helping residents for decades if they ever experience a property loss caused by fire.

Beyond the first 24 hours after the fire itself, there may be days or weeks of cleanup, repair, and reconstruction ahead. We will stay by your side through it all and make sure your property and your normal life is restored as soon as possible.

  • Full-Service Fire Damage Restoration, Start-to-Finish
  • Skilled, Licensed Tradespeople
  • Insurance Claims Assistance, Documentation
  • Workmanship Guarantee - We Stand By Our Work
Fire Damage Repair in Canoga Park, CA

Our team of professional and certified technicians is on call 24/7 to help you recover from fire and smoke damage, including:

  • Emergency Board-Up and Roof Tarping

  • Soot Removal and Cleaning

  • Contents Packout and Salvage

  • Project Management for the Many Contractors Onsite

  • Smoke Odor Removal / Ozone Fogging

  • Fire Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

  • Water Damage Cleanup from Firefighting Efforts

Fire Damage Repair in Canoga Park, CA

What Not to Do After a House Fire

  1. Do not touch any residue with your bare hands.
  2. Avoid re-entering the home until after smoke damage restoration if you have any chronic lung conditions or severe allergies.
  3. Do not attempt to clean carpets or upholstery. Improper cleaning can cause permanent damage.
  4. Do not use electrical appliances until they've been cleared for safety.
  5. Avoid entering spaces where the ceiling is wet due to firefighting efforts.