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Water Damage Inspections in Canoga Park, CA

Water Damage Inspection Services

Water damage issues can be a real problem for any home owner. We're at your side to inspect and help restore your home back to pre-loss conditions.

Water Damage Inspection Services

Water damage issues can be a real problem for any home owner. We're at your side to inspect and help restore your home back to pre-loss conditions.

Water Damage Inspections

Whether the result of flash flooding, leaky pipes, or storms, water damage inspection is an integral part of the restoration process. Count on the professionals at ServiceMaster Water & Fire Restoration by J and S for a thorough inspection of your water damage and a plan to restore your home or business to dry conditions in the Canoga Park, CA area.

Why Do I Need a Water Damage Inspection?

  1. The source of the water must be determined, then stopped and repaired.
  2. The type of water must be identified to establish the level of contamination. White water is the least harmful and is classified as Category 1. Classified as Category 2, gray water is more harmful. The final class, black water, is classified as category 3 and requires a professional restoration company.
  3. The extent of the water damage is assessed with a more thorough inspection of the property.
  4. Furniture needs to be moved before work begins.

A Vital Part of the Inspection: Water Extraction

Water extraction is the removal of standing water from areas that have been affected.

Flooding doesn’t have to be the result of a bad storm. It can occur in many situations:

Once water is extracted, thermal imaging is very important. Not only are thermal imagers or infrared cameras used to detect moisture, but also to find structural failures.

A market for this relatively new technology was born from a growing concern about the health complications attributed to mold and mold damage. To gain a competitive advantage, inspectors were continually seeking better ways to detect moisture that may not be detectable with a visual examination. The IICRC-certified technicians at ServiceMaster Water & Fire Restoration by J and S complete on-going training and certification in water damage inspection to stay up to date on the latest and best techniques and equipment to thoroughly diagnose a water leak.

Because property damage can occur anywhere, being familiar with the water damage restoration professionals in your area is a good idea. Without question, you’ll need an ally like ServiceMaster Water & Fire Restoration by J and S in Canoga Park, CA to combat natural disasters, burst pipes or ruptured sewer lines.

Additionally, the information provided by an experienced professional can be of great benefit when filing an insurance claim. The water damage restoration field is one that’s highly regulated, so make sure the professional you work with is licensed. Our professionals use Xactimate estimating software, the same as the top insurance companies in the country, to stay in line with insurance-friendly pricing models in the Canoga Park, CA area that are generally accepted by the insurance adjuster but also provide property owners peace of mind that the quote for restoration work is fair and complete. No surprises. Our project managers stay in constant contact with you, the homeowner, and the insurance company as the restoration is completed to make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to the scope of the work.

The Importance of Structural Drying

Another component of the property restoration process is structural drying. If your shoes are getting wet in a small amount of water, you may be able to use towels, a mop, a wet vac, and a fan to remove the water before any significant damage occurs.

But if your property is truly flooded, you’ll need more advanced techniques to prevent mold, mildew, and rot.

To start, standing water must be removed from the area. High-speed air movers are required to dry walls and floors before any substantial damage sets in. The more power, the shorter the drying time which is crucial because any trapped water needs to evaporate.

Another component of the process is using dehumidifiers to pull water vapor out of the air and lower humidity. Temperature control is also used depending on whether the air needs to be heated to exacerbate evaporation or the air needs to be cooled to remove the water from the air.

The health and safety of your family or employees are most important when establishing a property restoration plan. Make sure you consider the strategies mentioned above and work with a vetted, licensed professional. If you are unable to prevent water damage from happening, it’s best to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

No matter the cause, immediate mitigation is the key to reducing the damage to your home, and at ServiceMaster® we're always ready to take on that task. Our rapid response team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to immediately respond to your emergency water damage ensuring the most thorough and efficient restoration possible.

Call (818) 914-5562 any time day or night, for comprehensive water damage removal and repair in the Los Angeles area.

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